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Head of Languages: Mrs E Frame

Curriculum for Languages Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9)


All year 7 pupils will start learning Spanish following the successful, interactive Viva course. They will be entered into GCSE Spanish in their year 9.There will be plenty of opportunity to practise new vocabulary and phrases in the lesson and this will be supported by on-line learning at home. The pupils will all have login details for the Viva homework package and will be set regular homeworks from this. Included in the course there are also opportunities to learn about festivals in Spain and Latin America. Students will also have access to Vocab Express.

In year 9 pupils will be invited to apply to become a language ambassador. This is a key responsibility role in the department. Pupils lead lessons and run the year 7 language and homework club.

Students in key stage 3 that are currently studying Spanish alongside French will have the opportunity to study both or either language in key stage 4 when they make their option choices in year 9.


Students currently studying French will have an option to pursue this option into key stage 4. Those only doing Spanish will be able to choose French as a second language in year 9. They will make rapid progress using the Studio interactive course. All pupils will have access to the Studio homework package to support their learning throughout the year.

Key Stage 4

Currently in year 9 pupils can opt to study Spanish or French or both in year 10 and 11. Pupils follow the new Pearson AQA course book to prepare them for the GCSE examination. At the end of Year 11 they will be examined equally in Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Throughout the course there will be practice and mock examinations to prepare them for this. All pupils will have logins for the on-line homework package and they can practise topic vocabulary using Vocabexpress.

In February half term of Year 10 and 11 there will be study trips to France and to Spain. The study trip to Spain is to Madrid and will give pupils confidence in using their spoken Spanish and engaging in cultural activities.

The French GCSE pupils will visit Paris where they will follow a cultural and linguistic program. There will be plenty of opportunity for them to practise their spoken French.

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