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Head of Physical Education: Mrs A Thatcher

At St. Gabriel’s we encourage all pupils to fully participate in every activity, enjoy every lesson and always strive to achieve their best. As a result they learn to value the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle. Our long term aim is to provide pupils with positive experiences of PE which encourage lifelong participation in sport and/or physical activity and contributes to a healthy, active lifestyle and a good level of health and fitness.


Curriculum overview at KS3

At KS3, pupils receive two hours PE per week. One lesson is their ‘Games’ lesson and pupils participate in a range of games orientated activities, the other lesson is their ‘PE’ lesson where the focus is on more individual activities and improving their health and fitness.

Outlined below are the activities that pupils currently take part in;


GAMES                                                                   PE                      
Football                                                                   Dance
Basketball                                                               Fitness
Rugby                                                                     Gymnastics                                                                  
Tennis                                                                     Outdoor Challenge                                                                  
Cricket                                                                    Cross-country                                                              
Badminton                                                              Athletics                                          
Table Tennis



GAMES                                                                  PE
Netball                                                                    Dance               
Trampoline                                                             Fitness (HRF)
Hockey                                                                   Gymnastics
Football                                                                  Outdoor Challenge
Tennis                                                                    Cross-country
Rounders                                                               Athletics


Curriculum overview at KS4

At KS4, pupils can choose to study GCSE PE. They receive 3 hours of GCSE PE per week and study the AQA exam board programme of study and assessment. They all receive an extra one hour in Core PE time. GCSE PE is a combination of practical and theory lessons. From Sept 2014, pupils who do not opt for GCSE PE have the opportunity to complete Level 1/2 Sports Leadership Qualification. Pupils that do not opt for GCSE PE or Sports Leadership, participate in 1 hour Core PE per week.

Outlined below are the activities that pupils currently take part in at KS4.

Football                                                                 Aerobics
Basketball                                                              Circuits
Rugby                                                                    Health-related fitness circuits
Netball                                                                   SAQ
Hockey                                                                  Dance
Rounders                                                               Trampoline
Badminton                                                             Swimming
Table tennis                                                           Sports Leadership



In addition to offering high quality PE lessons, the PE Department at St Gabriel’s prides itself on the quality of the extra-curricular provision for our pupils. Currently the following sports are offered to pupils. For each of these activities where possible the teams compete in Bury, Catholic and County Competitions.

Boys Football
Girls Football
Indoor Athletics

Other activities offered by staff or Sports Partnerships that may not be competed in, include:





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