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Curriculum Information

School contact: Mr Adam Loster, Deputy Headteacher

Learning time: 25 teaching hours per week as one hour lessons, plus a form/assembly time of 20 minutes. In this time, aspects of PSHE and citizenship may be covered. During the course of a school year, a number of days are identified for cross thematic work, mainly covering aspects of PSHE, citizenship and information, advice and guidance (IAG) in relation to progression to post-16 learning. Each year group has an annual Review and Progress Day (RAP day) tailored to suit the needs of pupils on an annual basis. For example, in Year 11, the RAP day focusses on progress and IAG to support post-16 learning applications.

The school’s core curriculum, throughout all years, is:

  • Religious Education (at GCSE level - Edexcel, syllabus 5RS03 & 5RS08)
  • English (at GCSE level - AQA, English Language, syllabus 4705, English Literature, syllabus 9710)  
  • Maths (at GCSE level - Edexcel, 1MAO)
  • Science
  • Physical Education
  • PSHE (covered across the curriculum and on specifically identified occasions)

Other subjects in Years 7 – 9, key stage 3, are:

  • Geography
  • History
  • French
  • Music
  • Technology (including food technology)
  • Computer Science (previously IT)
  • Art
  • Spanish (from Year 8)
  • Citizenship is currently taught throughout all subjects

Option choice subjects (for start in 2014) for Year 10 and 11, in key stage 4 are:

  • Art and Design AQA, syllabus 4200
  • Computer Science OCR, syllabus J275
  • Food Technology AQA, syllabus 4545
  • Drama AQA, syllabus 4250
  • French AQA, syllabus 4655
  • Spanish AQA, syllabus 4695
  • Geography AQA, syllabus 9030
  • History AQA, syllabus 9040
  • Music OCR, syllabus J535
  • PE Edexcel, syllabus 2PED1
  • Key Skills
  • Science (optional programmes offered – please see learning/science page)
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