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Head of Department: Mr S Crossley

We study English at St Gabriel’s in order to support our children when communicating in school and in everyday life.  We enable students to work independently and as part of a team in a variety of situations.  They are able to value the opinions of others, having empathy, tolerance for all; this also encourages informed opinions with the ability to support them

We read Literature because it can be influential, it gives pupils a chance to reflect, it can be rich and rewarding, broadening experiences. We are able to learn about different times, cultures and traditions; different texts: poetry, media, fiction and non-fiction.  We give pupils the opportunities to be critical readers, to express opinions.  We enable pupils to express themselves clearly, creatively and with confidence. All pupils have the opportunity to do this in KS3 and KS4.

Our planning works within the requirements of the National Curriculum/AQA syllabus in a creative and engaging manner. Pupils are clear about the expectations and how they will be assessed; they are informed regularly of their progress. Our teaching methods and resources allow all pupils to have equal access to the English curriculum and to experience success and enjoyment.

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