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Head of Languages: Mrs E Frame

Curriculum in Years 7-9


Pupils follow the Studio Course which offers a range of engaging, up to date and interactive activities. In Year 7, pupils re-cap and build on foundation language to talk about themselves and others, their likes and dislikes and school. In Years 8 and 9, pupils increase their knowledge of language and grammar through topics such as personal identity, free time, holidays and even the French Revolution!


Year 8 pupils study Spanish for 1 lesson a week to introduce the basics of the language allowing pupils to use and develop their language learning skills. In Year 9, time increases to 2 lessons per week in which they make rapid progress as they study all three tenses through the topics of leisure, school and holidays.

Spiritual, moral, social and cultural learning

Cultural content is delivered in both languages through research based home learning tasks which cover everything from Spanish fiestas to French footballers.

Curriculum in Years 10 and 11

Pupils can choose to follow one or two modern languages to GCSE level if they wish.

Overview of French and Spanish GCSE

The AQA syllabus for GCSE French and Spanish is followed.

Pupils learn about a range of key topic areas, that build on previous knowledge and prepares them for further study post GCSE.

The course enables pupils to develop:

understanding of the foreign language in a variety of contexts;knowledge of the language and skills involvedthe ability to communicate effectivelyan awareness and understanding of countries and communities where the languages are spoken.

All courses and programmes in Years 7-11 are delivered by language specialists. GCSE programmes are undertaken for three hours each week.


Pupils at St Gabriel’s benefit from opportunities to visit France and Spain through cultural and sporting visits. Please see the enrichment section of the website for more information.

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