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School Contact: Mrs J Roberts, Deputy Headteacher (also the school’s Child Protection Officer/Designated Safeguarding lead)


PREVENT Strategy

Mindful of the school’s statutory duty to take reasonable steps to protect pupils and employees from harm, the following information is very important to parents and pupils. We are committed to providing a safe and secure environment. The threat from terrorism and extremism in the UK can involve the exploitation of vulnerable people, including children and adults, to involve them in activity or support of terrorism – radicalisation.

The school’s PREVENT Policy can be found under the policies section of the school website. The DFE publication to schools on ‘The Prevent Duty’ can be found on the link shown as PREVENT.

Parents will also find out more information using the CHANNEL link (to the side): Channel Duty Guidance: ‘Protecting vulnerable people from being drawn into terrorism’. All teachers and key support staff have been trained in Autumn 2015 in the ‘Channel Awareness Module’ provided through the UK Home Office Department.

Pastoral Organisation

Each year group is divided into two cohorts, each with five form groups. Each form has around 22 pupils.

You may be interested to know that each form is named after Catholic saints, some from the north of England. These are:

A ~ Saint Edmund Arrowsmith 1585-1628

He was 43 when he was hanged, drawn, and quartered at Lancaster for being a Priest. His hand was cut off and given to his mother. It is now preserved as a relic at Saint Oswald’s Church, Ashton-in-Makerfield.

L ~ Saint Anne Lyne 1569-1601

Aged 32 she was brought to the gallows in London. There, she kissed the gallows, recited a few prayers, made the Sign of the Cross and was hanged. She was killed for hiding priests.

M ~ Saint Cuthbert Mayne 1544-1577

He was 33 when he was executed for failing to acknowledge the queen as the head of the church. He kissed a copy of the Bible and said “the queen neither ever was, nor is, nor ever shall be, the head of the church of England”. He was hung drawn and quartered in Launceston in 1577. It is thought he was unconscious when this happened but died after hitting his head when falling from the gibbet.

S ~ Saint John Southworth 1592-1654

He was 62 when he was hung after pleading guilty to being a priest and saying mass.

W ~ Saint Margaret Ward d.1588

She was hanged in 1588 for hiding a priest.

B ~ Saint Ambrose Barlow 1585-1641

Aged 56, he was killed for being a priest. He was hanged, dismembered, quartered, and boiled in oil. His head was afterwards exposed on a pike.

C ~ Saint Margaret Clitheroe 1556-1586

Aged 30 she was laid out upon a sharp rock, and a door was put on top of her and loaded with an immense weight of rocks and stones. Death occurred within fifteen minutes. She was crushed to death because she was hiding priests.

J ~ Saint John Jones 1530-1598

He was arrested and tortured in 1596 and imprisoned. In 1598 he was tried and convicted of High Treason for being a priest and sentenced to be hanged, drawn and quartered. His execution took place in the early morning and his remains were placed on poles on the roads to Newington and Lambeth.

P ~ Saint John Plessington 1637-1679

He was 42 when he was hanged, drawn and quartered for the crime of being a Catholic priest.

R ~ Saint John Rigby 1570-1600

He was 30 when he was executed by hanging for refusing to go to a protestant service.

Pupils’ Safety Online

Parenting in the Digital Age (or PitDA for short) is a new programme to help parents apply their parenting skills to the online world. More information can be found by selecting the link to the left. “Digital Parenting” also has excellent advice and guidance for parents and professionals about e-safety.

Need Help or Support?

Agencies in school

School Health Visitor
School Attendance Team
Additional Needs Team
CLAS (Curriculum & Language Access Service)
CYPIC (Children & Young People In Care)

Other Agencies

A simple Google search will reveal their latest contact details.

Childline – 0800 1111
Early Break
Substance Misuse Team
Counselling Direct

Eating Disorders Association
Young Minds
Disability Services
National Drugs Helpline

Anti Bullying Campaign
Cruse Bereavement Services
Streetwise young persons service
Bury Crossroads, for young carers

Bury Young Carers
Citizens Advice Bureau

If you think that you would benefit from talking to someone in confidence, your Form Teacher, Head of Year or Mr Stewart (2nd Designated Safeguarding Lead) will help you to make an appointment. 

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