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St Gabriel's has a flourishing multi-generational choir. It sings at a huge variety of events and services. The Christmas Carol concert is a particular highlight of the year and hundreds of participants are testament to that. Junior and Senior sections each excel. "Lord, Bless you and keep you."

British Sign Language

More people in the UK speak BSL than speak a modern foreign language and its popularity is growing in St Gabriel's. Led by an external consultant many pupils are taking advantage of this opportunity to learn something beyond the traditional curriculum.


St Gabriel's students have represented local Cheerleading groups for many years performing at concerts in central Manchester and at The Met in Bury. Their skills continue to be developed in-house with this local expertise and we look forward to the groups being ever more successful in the years to come.



The school has a wide variety of sports teams and aims to get involved in any new initiative when asked to help host or promote wider community enterprises. Miss Maymon, Head of Physical Education, is to be commended for her proactive and open minded approach and St Gabriel’s is an example of how sport can empower young people to achieve and inspire them to lead active lives reaching their full sporting potential.


Form Representative Elections and Youth Parliament

Form Representative elections take place usually in September; pupils then put themselves forward as Year Representatives. Each candidate delivers a speech explaining how they would represent the voice of their year group effectively and be a dedicated member of Central Council. After listening intently, voters filled in their ballot papers selecting the boy and girl they think should represent their voice. It is not uncommon for St. Gabriel's students to then run for office in the national youth parliament.


Duke of Edinburgh

The award scheme has been runing at St Gabriel’s for a number of years. One of our D of E students has written her account of a summer expedition to the Yorkshire Dales…

Expedition Diary…

Our group is called Wildcats and we did our Bronze in the Yorkshire Dales. Our purpose was to investigate the different types of flowers in the area. We did it during a weekend in July.

Some memorable moments…

When me and Hannah went to look what was over the gate and it was the campsite.  We didn’t expect it and we were overwhelmed with joy!

The teachers’ faces when ours was the second group back.  They didn’t expect us to be because of our past expeditions

When we arrived at the car park on the second day and then went to get some sweets from the sweet shop

When our group realised that we were in front of the time and the second group back!

Admiring the beautiful range of flowers that the Yorkshire Dales hold

When Jordan explained that his Boost bar was ‘all you ever wanted in a chocolatey delight!’

What my team and I got out of it…

I think that the expedition has made me stronger as a person. It has made me more determined and I now believe in myself more. I now believe that anything is possible and I should reach out for what I want in life. Before the expedition I hadn’t camped in my life, therefore I was unaware what to expect. I think that I have developed some great camp craft skills and my relationship with nature has improved drastically!

Concerning the walk, I have developed some new navigational skills and can read a map and use a compass effectively. I can also handle stressful and tricky situations better without panicking. If someone got hurt I could calmly adjust to the situation and use my common sense and new first aid skills to handle the situation. I have become more sensible and aware of how to act in the outdoors! 

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